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Farm building floodlighting

The latest installation of our 250W DC Wind Turbine (with additional 40W Solar Panel) is providing power for:

  • 2 Floodlights set on a Night/Day switch keeping the farm yard illuminated all Winter every night for 14 hours.

  • 4 Strip lights which are on 24/7 as we have a surplus of power.

Read more about this installation.

23 May 2011


Barrel Turbine arrived in Ghana

A sample of our 250W DC Barrel Turbine is now being constructed in Ghana, in conjunction with the charity Medicine On The Move:  


18 March 2011


WINNERS! We scooped two Rushlight Awards!

We're delighted to have won two Awards in the prestigious 2010 Rushlight Awards:

  • Rushlight Wind Power Award

  • Rushlight Waste Recycling Award.

Read the online media release for more details.

27 January 2011



Silent Wind Turbine installed in Ukraine

Matthew Luethi, inventor of Silent Wind Turbine, has just returned from Mariupol in Ukraine installing a 500W DC Silent Wind Turbine.18 October 2010



Design registered for a cheap 250W barrel turbine for developing countries

Due to the mass of enquiries we've been getting from developing countries for a cheap, independent power source, we've developed exactly that.


The design is registered and the patent is pending.



Like all our turbines, the 250W barrel turbine (above) doesn't need any external power sources.


Here's a short video clip of the 250W barrel turbine in action. (9 seconds; 1.85MB; WMV format.)


This was filmed in approximately 6 knots of wind. 31 July 2010


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The vertical axis wind turbine design and its regulating mechanism is protected by international patents and copyright.

Silent wind turbine – a breakthrough in renewable energy


The silent wind turbine by Luethi Enterprises Limited is an innovative vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) for renewable energy production with many benefits over existing wind turbine designs. A major advantage is that no power supply is needed, making these VAWTs suitable for installation in remote areas. (Other turbine systems need up to 80% of their power to operate their electronics.)

There are currently 3 models of VAWT available:

500W DC Silent Wind Turbine:

Robust And Efficient Silent Wind Turbine Ideal For Remote Regions.


This uses a unique, patented mechanical speed regulator allows the wind turbine to function in extreme weather conditions and produce a constant flow of power.



250W DC Barrel Turbine:

Recycled Plastic Barrels Create Cheap Wind Power For Developing Countries.


The blades of this new design are cut in a unique way that creates lift. This wind turbine requires very little breeze in order to achieve its 250W output.


250W DC Wind Turbine:

Compact and attractive wind turbines


This wind turbine uses the same technology as the Barrel Turbine, but with attractive fibreglass blades instead of plastic barrels.

This wind turbine is manufactured on demand and shipped as a flat pack for self-assembly.

Read more about our wind turbines and how they compare >>



Benefits of the silent vertical axis wind turbine by Luethi Enterprises:


  • Low start up speed: generates power at low wind speeds, from 3.6 m/s (8.1 mph; 13 kph; 7 knots).

  • Unique patented mechanical speed regulator: for power production in all conditions, from light winds to gales and gusts. This is used on our 500W DC Silent Wind Turbine.

  • Constant power output: even at high wind speeds as it always faces into the wind.

  • Independent: as there is no electronic steering system, no power supply is needed, making it suitable for installation in remote areas. (Other turbine systems need up to 80% of their power to operate their electronics.)

  • Durable: no gearbox means easy maintenance and no expensive parts.

  • Easy to maintain: even by semi-skilled engineers.

  • No danger to wildlife: as there is no flight window for birds.

  • Virtually silent: as the blades work with the wind, rather than cut through it.

Luethi Enterprises were winners in 2 catagories of the 2010 Rushlight Awards



“This is the best idea of a wind turbine I have ever seen and I have written books about turbines!”


   - Dr. Tom Shelley (PhD, CEng) Technical Editor, Eureka Magazine




Are the wind turbines really silent?


Find out in this movie clip of our prototype silent wind turbine in action...

Click here to view our promotional video clip.

(48 seconds; 4.9MB; WMV format.)


How can the wind turbines be used?


See the application and installation examples.


How can I find out more?


Click here to read about the opportunities available, or for any other enquiries please contact us.


Distribution enquiries & Orders


The 500W VAWT silent wind turbine and 250W turbines are available for purchase in selected regions.


To pre-register your interest, please drop us a line by email (info@silentwindturbine.com) or complete and submit the following form:


Above: an early prototype powers LED street lighting.

This has been in situ since 2006 and the prototype is still going strong, with no maintenance needed despite several storms hitting the area.

Read more about our wind turbines and how they compare >>


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