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Renewable energy sources have always been available as a solution for our global energy problems. But always at a price. Renewables used to be inefficient compared to fossil fuels and other negative factors such as noise pollution and the “not in my back yard” philosophy prevented their uptake.


In addition, major utility companies are now beginning to understand the need for embedded energy generation and reduce reliance on massive, and high risk, central generating capacity.



About Luethi Enterprises


Luethi Enterprises Limited is passionate about providing innovative energy solutions that work.


We’ve developed a patent-protected vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that overcomes the traditional barriers to effective and efficient wind power generation.


The innovative new design mechanically self-regulates the spin of the turbines vanes, slowing the spin in high winds and removing the major flaw with existing windmills, which typically burn out and suffer rotor, gear box or vane damage.


A report on turbines on wind farms in the UK came to the conclusion that the average lifespan of the gearboxes is 1.5 years. Our turbines run always on the same speed even in the strongest of gusts – with no need for a gearbox thanks to the unique regulating system.


Inventor and Managing Director, Matthew Luethi, first thought of the concept of the silent wind turbine in 2003. He then set about building prototypes in his garage to see if his idea had any substance, and when he realised that the concept not only met his hopes but exceeded them, quickly set about obtaining patents for his work. The UK patent was granted in 2006, and worldwide patents are pending.


Since those early days, the silent wind turbine by Luethi Enterprises has had initial wind tunnel testing at Kingston University, London, which further proved Luethi’s theory. Additional shareholders have also seen the massive potential of the turbine, and consequently the research and development programme is taking place. Nonetheless, the opportunity still exists for a cash investment to help bring the silent wind turbine to market swiftly.


Commercial interest in the project so far has been substantial, with worldwide enquiries from all manner of industries. Additional investment is required to bring the turbine to market and capitalise on the commercial enquiries received, and Luethi Enterprises is EIS qualified, providing tax relief to UK investors in the company.



Benefits of the silent wind turbine by Luethi Enterprises


There are a range of unique features and benefits that differentiate this wind generator design from existing wind turbines:

  • Generates power at low wind speeds, from 3.6 m/s (8.1 mph; 13 kph; 7 knots).

  • Unique patented mechanical speed regulator for power production in all conditions, from light winds to gales and gusts.

  • Constant power output even at high wind speeds.

  • Always faces into the wind.

  • No gearbox means easy maintenance and no expensive parts.

  • Easy to maintain, even by semi-skilled engineers.

  • No danger to wildlife.

  • Virtually silent.


History and timeline of the silent wind turbine


The initial idea came to Matthew Luethi in the 1980s when he was stuck in a London traffic jam: he saw a spinning advertising sign, and was amazed at how easily the sign spun even in very little wind. He didn’t give the idea much further thought until 1987 and his farm in Kent was hit by a hurricane. It then struck him that it’s important for a turbine like this to have a regulator so it can cope with high winds.


After retiring from his restaurant business in September 2004, Matthew Luethi thought about the concept once more and started building models and basic prototypes in his garage to se if his idea had any merit. Soon realising that he was onto something unique with his regulating mechanism, he applied for a patent just two months later.


Key dates in the history of our silent wind turbine are as follows - for more news, recent and archived, see our news pages.

  • November 2004: UK patent is applied for.

  • February 2005: Luethi Enterprises Limited is incorporated is a private limited company.

  • October 2006: Wind tunnel testing at Kingston University London begins.

  • November 2006: UK patent is granted.

  • April 2007: Wind tunnel testing at Kingston University London concludes.

  • May 2007: worldwide patent is applied for.

  • April 2008: EIS qualification provides tax relief for UK investors.

  • November 2008: field testing of 500W DC prototype wind turbine begins at SEEDA site at Chatham Maritime.

  • May 2009: field testing at SEEDA site concludes. The result: refined blade shapes; enhanced blade configuration; and preliminary performance data available.  

  • September 2009: Luethi Enterprises Ltd shortlisted for British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEA).

  • July 2010: Design registered for a cheap 250W barrel turbine for developing countries. Patent is pending.

  • August 2010: Matthew Luethi appeared on BBC television's "Dragons' Den" programme in the UK with his Silent Wind Turbine. 

  • January 2011: Luethi Enterprises Ltd wins two Rushlight Awards: the Rushlight Wind Power Award, and the Rushlight Waste Recycling Award.

Key people and partners

  • Matthew Luethi, Inventor and Managing Director

  • Chris Smits, Commercial Manager

  • FX Marketing, Marketing services





Luethi Enterprises is a member of:





  • Winners in the 2010 Rushlight Awards:

    • Rushlight Wind Power Award

    • Rughlight Waste Recycling Award


  • Finalist in Start Up of the Year Award in the 2009 British Engineering Excellence Awards. Read our media release here.




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Media coverage: 60 Second Interview with Eureka Magazine - 13 January 2011


Eureka magazine, January 2011

Kingston University London, November 2006

Designbuild-network, July 2006

Eureka magazine, April 2006


For more news about Luethi Enterprises and our silent vertical axis wind turbine, see our news page.



Government agencies


Enterprise Investment Scheme Association – a UK Government scheme providing tax relief to investors

SEEDA (South East England Development Agency)


To find the latest feed-in tariffs for the UK check out information from the Energy Saving Trust and The Department of Energy and Climate Change.





Engineering Talk (UK)

Eureka (UK)

Manufacturing Talk (UK)

Renewable Energy World (US)

Wind Power Monthly (Denmark/US)



Company details


Luethi Enterprises Limited


Registered Office: c/o McCabe Ford Williams, 61 High Street, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3EG

Company Registration Number: 5350242 England
VAT number: 884 9031 91



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