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Recycled Plastic Barrels Create Cheap Wind Power For Developing Countries


Enquiries from developing countries for cheap renewable power prompted Luethi Enterprises to create an efficient, cost-effective wind turbine that can be easily manufactured from plastic barrels.


These 220 litre barrels (55 gallon drums) are used for transporting a wide range of fluid materials and are easy to obtain.


Existing VAWTs made from such barrels are inefficient, and require very high winds to function.


The blades of this new design are cut in a unique way that creates lift. This wind turbine requires very little breeze in order to achieve its 250W output.

The design for this 250W VAWT is registered, and the patent is pending.

Like all our turbines, the 250W barrel turbine doesn't need any external power sources.

It's also ideal for heating water, security lighting, street lighting and emergency lighting.


The design of this 250W barrel turbine has been registered - it's ideal for use in developing countries as a cost-effective, independent power source.


Here's a short video clip of the 250W barrel turbine in action. (9 seconds; 1.85MB; WMV format.)


This was filmed in approximately 6 knots of wind.


As this design uses recycled plastic barrels, it's extremely environmentally friendly.


Performance data is not yet available for this model. Please note that this does NOT use the unique, patented mechanical speed regulator in order to keep costs down and provide affordable renewable energy for developing countries.


This turbine is silent, but if you are looking for a turbine with speed regulation, please refer to the 500W DC Silent Wind Turbine.

Totally silent
5 year guarantee - provided we supply the plastic barrel
Ideal for remote applications
100% of power available to the end user
Easy to install and maintain



250W DC Barrel Turbine: Please enquire for prices:


250W DC Barrel Turbine:

Plastic barrel; galvanised steel mast:1.3 metre long; 1.5 inch diameter.

12V or 24V Wind/Sun Charge Controller:

Our own design is easy to install, weather proof, includes an AC/DC rectifier and battery protection and dump load connection.

6 metre tilt/wind-up Masts
Extra length telescopic, mobile or trailer masts are priced on request.

Scaffolding Tubes

To build tripods for mobile installations of the 250W turbines.

Scaffolding Clamps

Monocrystaline 40W/12V Solar Panel

Including bracket



12V 125 AH for 250W Turbine/Solar Panel to power 2 Floodlights

2 X 6V, 225AH, 28 kg for Heavy Duty CCTV + Security Lights

6 X 2V, 600AH, 42kg to store power for a single dwelling

NB: To produce enough power to charge a large Battery Bank, multiple 250W, 500W Turbines and Solar panels are required.



3W, 12V, LED indoor light bulb

5W, 12V, LED indoor light bulb

7W, 12V, LED indoor light bulb

Outdoor LED Floodlight equivalent to 500W Halogen

Outdoor 12V, 400 LED Floodlight

Streetlights for Public Highways

Indoor 12V Light Switch

Dusk to Dawn on/off Outdoor Switch

Outdoor Movement Security Switch
Immersion Heaters and Dump loads


Existing installations


A 250W DC Barrel Turbine has been sent to Medicine On The Move in Ghana. Here are photos of the turbine being assembled, and of the concrete base being prepared:


250W Barrel Turbine being assembled

 in Ghana.

Concrete base being prepared for the

wind turbine.


Photographs Medicine On The Move. All Rights Reserved.



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